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Duplicate Products in Magento – 5 Things to consider

Cloning Products in Magento

In order to create Product variants, you could use “save and duplicate” feature in Magento Catalog in order to create product variant quickly. However you need to take precautions while updating the product fields such as URL key, SKU, etc… Other wise it will end up causing URL key errors leading to problems in saving category pages in Admin.

  1. Permanent Redirect: Please make sure that to check “Create permanent Redirect for old url” is selected – Please refer screenshot below:
  2. All store view: Use default value is selected, This is to make sure that URL key value is consistent in “All store view” and “English Store view”  Please refer screenshot below:
  1. Price setting: While updating price and special price, make sure that same value is entered in  “All store view” and “English Store view” 

4. Store view scope: All attribute values (eg, price, cost ,special price, preorder note,e etc,) should check “Use default” in store view and if needed to change the values means have to edit only in all store view. So that it will apply value to both stores.

  1. Sale Price settings. It is a good practice to have “Use default” selected and check the same sale price value in All store view and English Store view. So next time, you can just update sale price in one place – “All store views” and do not worry about the English store because the same value will be inherited.
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