License Guide

Single domain license Guide

Single domain license Guide -This is the most common used license. When you buy a template or an extension with a Single domain license you can use the product on one single domain where only one single ecommerce store is installed.. If you change website name in future, you will contact us for license activation. We will send you the license for changed website at no additional cost. If you would like to use this extension for multiple websites/stores, you need “multiple domain license”. You will contact us for the new license. This will save you more than 50% of the cost for one multiple domain license compared to many Single domain license..

Multi domain license Guide

The Multi-domain license gives you permission to use the product for many domains (maximum of 5 domains), but only for one single client. For example, you are allowed to use the product on for example,, and, but not allowed to re-sell the theme or extension to anyone. If you are a developer or a web design company and want to use our product for your clients, you should purchase Developer License. You will be to able upgrade the license from Single domain to multiple domain. You need to pay only the difference in amount. Example: If single domain license is $49 and the multiple domain license is $125 for a specific extension. If you need to upgrade to multiple domain license, you need to pay only $76 to get multiple domain license for the extension. Please contact us when you need to upgrade the license.

General information

For both the Single domain license and the Multi-domain license you are allowed to modify and change as much as you’d like in the code, but you are not under ANY circumstances allowed to re-sell or re-distribute the product in any way, even after it has been modified. Although we are very reasonable people we will not accept violations of the license-agreements as we spend quite many hours developing our products.

Developer license Guide

This license is suite for the developers or web design companies who want to use our products for their clients. If you are purchasing this license, you have the right to use our product for maximum 20 of your clients (per license) but not allow to re-sell or re-distribute to any other. After you have used our product for 20 clients, you will have to purchase this license again.

Domain Change

Using Domain Change Services, you can easily transfer license for the Magento extensions, when you change from one domain to another. For development or staging website domain, there is no cost involved for changing.