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Helps the customer to search and find the required product by brand and a nested search inside the chosen brand Then the customer can pick the choice and Add to cart to checkout.

Version Compatibility
Magento Community Edition 1.3 to 1.9.x
Magento Enterprise 1.8 to 1.14


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How it works


Brand Model Search-Magento Extension helps the customer to narrow the search of products.In a store with hundreds of products this extension allows to drill down the search by brand and then narrow down to Model of the selected brand. Brand Model Search-Magento Extension is a useful magento plugin for your store.

Product Features

Tickmark Filter the search result based on the values selected from a dropdown list.

TickmarkResults could be filtered from a single drop down selection or based on the values selected in drop down list. For example, Client can hit the go button after selecting just the Brand drop down. This will help the customer to view the results if he is not sure what to enter other values.

TickmarkExtension is Mobile friendly and best customer experience for Mobile users as well.

TickmarkThis module can be easily placed within any of the CMS pages.and in conformity with magento zend framework.

TickmarkThe product supports multiple Brand association of products. That means a product can have multiple values for the Brand attribute.

TickmarkThis product can easily integrate with your theme and we provide full support for the installation.

TickmarkThe attributes are easily managed under Product in the Admin panel in order to use Magento standard search and high performance.

Tickmark Magento editions compatibility 1.3.x, 1.4.0, 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6.x,1.7,1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9.x Magento Enterprise1.8,1.9,1.10,1.11,1.12,1.13,1.14

Installation Manual

Wiki Installation Document

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26 reviews for Brand Model Search-Magento Extension

  1. robrobin

    Extension works great!
    I bought this Extension and it works great.And also installed easily. Demo link is also there, you can also try the demo. Screenshots are only to have an idea about the front end page how it looks.

  2. flowerss

    Good extension. Easily to be used in product page and in homepage search.
    Good extension. Easily to be used in product page and in homepage search.
    To cope with my industry, I request a three layered search (brand, series, models) and the developers help me custom-made the extension as well. Really thanks to this wonderful after-sales service.


    Works as expected
    Really good support and good brand model search extension.


    Highly recommended!
    Filters the product by band, support team work hard to filter the products.


    Good Work
    Really good support and support team answered my question quickly.

  6. STONE

    Works as Expected
    A must-have extension that is easy to install and works very well.

  7. RICE

    Must Recommended Extension
    There were no issues during the installation and configuration is simple. The result is obvious and branding starts working instantly. Recommended!


    Quick installation with great support
    Installation went very well and the extension was working great.

  9. RYAN

    Great extension…still can’t fathom how it’s not a standard magneto feature, but Global eCom have provided a great solution.


    A Brilliant Extension
    A Brilliant Extension and SUPERB support from Global eCom.

  11. DUNN

    Nice extension
    The quality of the extension and the support is definitely worth the money

  12. PIERCE

    Professional service
    A Brilliant Extension and SUPERB support from Global eCom.

  13. Evan

    Great product, even better support!
    Developer went out of his way to make sure it was running perfectly. Excellent support team.

  14. Julian

    Works great!
    The extension works perfectly for our website. Great developer support as well. Thanks!

  15. Nicholas

    Effective response to our queries.
    Brand model search magento extension both the product and especially the support are amazing. Quick and effective response to our queries.

  16. Parker

    Powerful search feature Extension
    This Extension is widely used in several Auto parts online stores.Thanks to support team.

  17. James

    Excellent extension
    This extension is wonderful: we bought it and installed without any error. Thanks to Mage extensions for another powerful extension and their wonderful support service.

  18. John

    One of the best mods I’ve met
    This extension works great, and does exactly what I wanted for my shop. Now my site is looking great for my customers.

  19. Robert

    Good extension, excellent support!!
    Very impressed with this brand model search extension! It exactly satisfy my needs!!!

  20. Michael

    Highly Satisfied
    Very easy to use and compatible with all other extensions! Love the functionality and how much it simplify my work!

  21. Dustin

    Excellent extension, great support
    This is an excellent extension and works out of the box. The support was very helpful and these is no problem in the installation.

  22. Shaw

    Great product, great service!
    This extension is great, and they provided great support when I needed to get the solution.

  23. Jerry

    Best Support
    I have been using this extension for sometime with great success on my site. Now the success story continues with this extension.

  24. Dennis

    One of the best mods I’ve met
    The Supporting team was very friendly & competent group of people who really make me feel safe when purchasing their products. Definitely I recommened every one to buy this.

  25. Walter

    5 Stars!!!
    With this extension you can search the brand, model .of the product very simple and easy. Other features are good. Great work mage extensions team.

  26. Patrick

    Excellent extension, perfect support!
    I have used this extension twice before and love it.It does exactly what it says and is easy to use and set up.

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