Useful Tips to attract more customers to your Online Store news

Useful Tips to attract more customers to your Online Store

1.  Responsive Theme selection for your website.

Magento is an open source ecommerce solution that is freely available to everyone. In the age of mobile world, customer uses their mobile or tablet for browsing website and shopping online. Responsive design is an advanced topic in web designing that allows website to convert its look as per the mobile device and web browser. Responsive magento themes are designed to give users the best optimal site on whatever browser, tablet, or phone they are on.

2. Create professional Slideshow, Homepage, Banners, and Magento Mega Menu to draw customers’ attention.

This is most important. Needless to say about the importance of how the Home Page of a website. It should be simple, but attractive. Online store’s homepage is its face to the world and the starting point for most user visits. Improving homepage multiplies the entire website’s business value.

3.  Keep your customers updated on the latest Products and features.

Your customers may not be aware of what are the latest updates about your products. Keep them updated  through News Letter. You can use Magento extensions like Product Labels, which help to highlight the updates about your products. 

4.  Categorize your Products and provide offers on Season Celebrations.

Classify the products and offer your customers based on Season Celebrations like Christmas, New Year etc, Hot Deals Classification can categorize your products which are on Sale with some good offers to the customers. You can use Shop by ManufacturerShop By Color Magento Extensions. 

5.  Reward your customers who bring repeated Business.

Rewarding your customers comes under Customer Retention.  Reward your customers for Referral, Repeated Business, Providing Reviews etc.,