How to Customize Shipping Rates in Magento news

How to Customize Shipping Rates in Magento

Custom Shipping Rate Professional Magento Extension – Features

Custom Shipping Rate extension provides an easy way to calculate and display the shipping price based on the products in the cart page. It has got excellent features and please find them below.

Create any number of shipping methods for all types of shipping: 

Magento Online store owners can create different shipping methods for ground shipping, air shipping and for express delivery. For each shipping method, you can set individual shipping rates.

CSV File Configuration:

CSV tables are extensively used in our shipping extensions for creating rules CSV files basically define the rules under which a shipping rate will show. Each row in the CSV file defines a shipping rule.

Simple import of Shipping Rates:

You can import .csv file with shipping rates for the custom methods. It is possible to specify one country or all countries, using “*” symbol.

Partial match for non-numeric zip codes:

Custom shipping rate professional extension allows to set a rate to apply to Non-numeric zip codes like ‘XYZ’.

Free Shipping for Orders over certain Value:

Free shipping can be offered for the orders over a certain amount. For example, shipping rate can be defined as $0.00, when the cart value (order) is over $ 100.

Value Added Features:

1. Support for multiple countries, regions and/or zip/post codes on single line

2. Ability to filter on Weight, Price and Number of items combined

3. Ability to filter on Weight, Price combined

4. Ability to filter on weight, number of items combined

5. Ability to filter on price

6. Ability to filter on weight

7. Ability to filter on items

8. Shipping rate is displayed by combination of Weight, Price, Number of items and Zip code range


You can view the demo to know how it works @

How to get this extension?

Extension can be purchased using the link